37 Litre Crystal Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids

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The 37 litre crystal boxes offer a versatile storage solution for all around the home or office. The added advantage of this particular box is that there is less curved moulding on the sides and ends of the boxes. This means that the space inside the box is much more efficient. The box sides still taper from top to bottom, as it is important that the boxes nest inside each other, so that they can be easily stored when not in use.


Length: 37cm    48.5cm

Width:   28cm    39cm

Height:  25.5cm 26.5cm

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  • 37L capacity underbed boxes with lids
  • Snap on lid
  • The boxes nest when not in use
  • Stacks with lids on
  • The shallow design means it will fit under most beds
  • Great to be used as a memory box
  • Transparent polypropylene plastic so that items can be easily identified
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