45 Litre Crystal Plastic Storage Boxes and Lids

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The 45 litre Wham Crystal transparent storage box offers a versatile home and office storage solution for all your organising needs. The boxes can be placed on a shelf or to save on space stacked on top of one another. These boxes have proved very useful for loft storage with our customers using them for storing Christmas decorations, ornaments, toys, memorabilia and more. Convenient as the boxes will fit through a standard sized loft hatch.

They have also been used for under bed storage although we always recommend that you check the measurements of the boxes as bed heights can vary. For higher beds these boxes can maximise the storage space available as the boxes are approx. 25.5cm high.

Internal External

Length: 51cm    59.5cm

Width:   31cm    40cm

Height:  23cm    25.5cm

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  • 45 litre capacity crystal plastic storage boxes
  • Snap on lid
  • The boxes nest when not in use
  • The boxes stack with their lids on
  • The plastic is clear so that the items can be easily seen.
  • This box can also be used as an under-bed storage box provided there is enough height space.
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