60 Litre Large Crystal Plastic Boxes with Lids

£5.90 Inc. VAT £7.08

These huge 60 Litre plastic storage boxes from the Wham Crystal range are large and strong.  Each box comes with a lid that clips on for secure storage.

Both the boxes themselves and the lids feature a clear design making it easy to view the contents. Plus they’re stackable when in use (just pop the lids on and stack them up) and nestable when not.

They are ideal for storage in bedrooms, cupboards, lofts, offices, garages and anywhere else you can think of.


Internal External
Length: 50cm 59.5cm
Width: 32cm 40cm
Height: 31cm 33.5cm
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  • Large plastic storage boxes
  • 60L capacity
  • Clear view plastic
  • Snap shut lid
  • Nestable when not in use
  • Stackable with the lids on
  • Excellent general purpose large plastic storage box
  • Files not included
  • Will fit A4 lever arch files
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