Infinity Large Burger & Chips Box – White

£23.20 Inc. VAT £27.84

Length: 220mm
Width: 130mm
Height: 60mm

Don’t risk being fined – swap to this low carbon footprint eco-friendly alternative- today!

This replaces the traditional HB10 polystyrene mealbox.

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Revolutionary white large burger and chips or kebab box, a great alternative to Polystyrene / EPS Packaging.

Made from a form of Polypropylene, this mealbox can be fully recycled after use and is recognised by the major UK waste disposal and recycling companies.

October 2023 saw the UK ban single use Polystyrene / EPS food containers. We think the Infinity range is a great alternative -they provide heat insulation, is resistant to hot oil, sauce and grease and can be used in the Microwave too.

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