Sunpet Clear Plastic Jar Red Top 100ml (Pack of 6)

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The Sunpet Clear Plastic Jar with a striking Red Top is available in a convenient pack of six, each containing 100ml of storage capacity. Crafted with precision, the crystal-clear plastic of these jars not only showcases your products or ingredients but also offers durability and reliability. Whether you’re in the cosmetics, food, or any other industry, these jars provide a professional and elegant way to store and display your merchandise, ensuring they catch the eye of potential leads.

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Our Sunpet Clear Plastic Jars with their vibrant red tops offer an opportunity to make a memorable impression. They are not just visually appealing but also practical, featuring a secure screw-on lid to keep your products fresh and protected. The 100ml capacity makes them versatile for a range of products, from cosmetics to gourmet treats, making them a valuable asset in your kitchen or workspace.

Capacity: 100ml /3.52 oz

Colour: Clear

Material: Plastic

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