36 Toilet Rolls Tissue Paper Large Quilted White Soft Embossed 2 Ply Bulk Pack

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Introducing our 36 Rolls x Toilet Tissue Bulk Large Pack, a top-quality solution designed to meet your everyday needs with convenience and reliability. Each roll boasts superior white 2-ply embossed tissue, providing a gentle and absorbent experience with every use.

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Crafted for durability and comfort, this economical pack ensures extended use, making it an ideal choice for households, businesses, or commercial settings. The embossed design enhances the tissue’s strength while maintaining its softness, offering a pleasant and hygienic experience.

With 36 rolls included, this bulk pack guarantees lasting value, reducing the hassle of frequent restocking. Our product is meticulously manufactured to deliver consistent quality, meeting stringent standards for your satisfaction.

Each roll within this comprehensive package is carefully crafted with premium-grade materials, offering a luxurious 2-ply texture. The white, embossed sheets deliver a gentle touch and enhanced absorption, guaranteeing a clean and refreshing experience with every use. The embossing not only contributes to its softness but also reinforces the tissue’s strength, preventing tearing or discomfort.

Experience the combination of affordability, quality, and quantity in one package with our 36 Rolls x Toilet Tissue Bulk Large Pack – a practical and dependable choice for any environment.

Per roll: approx. 18.5m 2 ply

Order your 36 rolls of toilet tissue paper today and experience the difference for yourself!

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